Looking For Great Pay &
An Employer That Truly Values Your Wellbeing?


We Help People Feel Good In Their Home...

Do you know how good it feels to walk into your home when it looks and smells fresh, clean and tidy? THAT'S the very feeling we provide our clients! Our team aren't 'just cleaners'...they help people feel good in their home.

While we aim for happy clients, we also want to create the best experience we can for our team. We care as much about the well being of our team as we do our clients!

Why Work With Us? 

Because we believe in taking good care of our team, as such we provide:

  • the highest wages in our industry
  • excellent work life balance (NO nights or weekends!)
  • provide valuable training and skills
  • we do not expose our team to harsh chemicals (we use non-toxic essential oil based products because we care about people and planet!)
  • we employee you as an EMPLOYEE! Not a subcontractor! (unlike like most companies). There are LOTS of benefits to being an employee vs a sub!
  • We highly value the wellbeing of every team member!
  • Provide WCB coverage (something you wouldn't have as a sub!)
  • place you in teams of 2 to make the job easier and safer (plus work with an awesome team mate!)
  • provide the opportunity to move up to trainer level within the company
  • Our team takes a week off at Xmas and New Years! (Our team LOVES this!

A Day In The Life Of Our Team...

Our teams provide a very high quality clean for our clients. We do all the usual things that make a home sparkly good such as vacuuming and washing floors, making bathrooms and kitchens shine, wiping surfaces, taking garbage out and more.

We are extremely detail focused and like to show care for our clients by doing the extra details that we know make them feel good, this might be anything from fluffing pillows, making beds and tidying. There's nothing quite like coming home to a space that feels and smells fabulously clean!

We are dedicated to providing a very consistent standard of work at every home, every time.

Are You A Dependable & Reliable Person?

No professional cleaning experience is necessary, as the right attitude beats experience! The right attitude consists of: a genuine willingness to learn + desire to do a great job!

Do You Have These Qualities?

    • Reliable/Punctual
    • Love to be active
    • A positive person
    • Kind/Caring/Polite
    • Able to work in a team
    • Have a willingness to learn and improve
    • The ability to work to quickly

Must Have Requirements:

    • Have a current (or be able to get) a police check
    • A valid drivers license
    • Have a reliable and presentable vehicle with appropriate vehicle insurance
    • References
    • Fluent English

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