On The Job!  Etiquette & Info

This page you'll find information regarding the dos and don't's etc for the day today at work.

Job Timing

1. We build trust with clients by being consistently on time.

First and foremost, all employees are expected to be on time. We understand that this being Victoria that there are endless things to cause one to be a few minutes late.  Consistently late does cause issues so if there's a consistent occurrence please do arrange to leave the home a few minutes earlier. If you are late and not able to complete the full time you must let me know as this is not paid time nor invoiced time to the client.

2. Invoiced time

Your scheduled paid time and the invoiced time for the client  includes getting the equipment from the car to the clients Home. This really only takes a few minutes each side of the clean.  Many clients are now are able to determine when people arrive and leave their home. This time includes the few minutes it takes to clean down equipment before leaving.

For example:  client is scheduled 9am-11am....this means the 1-2mins it take to get equipment from car to house, then at 10:54 am you have everything outside the door to clean etc, then equipment back to car for 11am.  **if you are back at the car much earlier this is too early (unless of course you started earlier than the scheduled time). In such cases you find you have a few extra minutes, take a cloth and spray and wipe something!

Phone Use At Work

When you are on the job you are not only on your employers paid time but you are also on a clients paid time. So it's important to be respectful of this as clients do assume you are not working when you are talking on your phone.

I do understand sometimes it might be required for you to answer the phone for something urgent or important and that is totally fine, however please keep the phone call short and continue to work. In addition please keep your voice down particularly if clients are home it is important to use discretion.

Unless it is urgent or important refrain from conversations on your phone until break time you can always call people back that's the beauty of a telephone!

This includes text messages..

If Brandon or myself are trying to call you that is totally fine to answer of course as it pertains to work.


All clients are expected to supply garbage bags.


Unless the client has asked us not to we always empty garbage from bathrooms and the kitchen and place it in the garbage located either in the garage or to the side of the house somewhere. If you cannot find it leave it inside the front door tied up.


We do not take garbage out at Condo's but we do empty them from inside the condo and leave the garbage tied up inside the front door.

Talking With Clients

Please refrain from discussing your personal life details with our clients. The client homes are not a place to air your struggles or Life challenges. Our presence in their home should be calm and a positive experience.

Your Language/Talk While Inside Client Homes

Client homes are their intimate/personal space, so whether they are home or not please be extremely mindful of the language that you use in someone's home. Please refrain from using words such as gross, disgusting and making judgemental remarks on how someone keeps their home whilst on the client's property. We never know what circumstances in life experience has led a client to care for their home the way they do. People are exceptionally sensitive when it comes to their private space. With many devices that allow remote viewing or listening if a client is not home, it is always vital that we refrain from such conversation and comments whilst on their property. 

It is also important to refrain from talking about one client's home to or in another. This may make a client question how we talk about them whilst not in their presence. So please suspend judgemental conversation in all situations.

Using The Toilet At Client Homes

You are most welcome to use the bathroom at a clients home should you need to go, but please do use the guest or half bathrooms rather than the master.

Please be very discreet about doing so!!!.

No need to yell to your teammate or across the house that that's what you're doing.

Cleaning- Quality Over Quantity

Some jobs can certainly have far more to do then we have time, please take the time to do a thorough job of the space you're in rather than trying to do a little bit of everything. Doing a little bit of every think means less of a job, and this is a lot more difficult dealing with a client afterwards who assumes we have just done a terrible job.

By doing a thorough job of each base we are in, it's a lot easier to explain to a current client that we did not have enough time to complete things, but what we did do we did well.

Cleaning Products & Tools

The only permitted products for use in a clients home are the products you have been given. No other products are to be used. Doing so will without result in misconduct. This happened on a couple of occasions for the particular staff member that resulted in allergic reactions by those particular clients.

Only use our microfibre cloth's on kitchen appliances!  Hey non-scratch scrubby was once used on the top of the stainless steel stove at this resulted in us having to replace the stove at over $1000. Whilst an innocent mistake, we now only permit microfiber cloths to be used.

Our cleaning products are all safe to use however providing they are used on the correct surface.

Scrub And Shine is safe for all stainless steel appliances, countertops, sinks, porcelain, glass and showers.

Weiman Cook-top is for glass cook-tops only.

Thieves & Pink Solution are safe on all surfaces.


Team Leads

Team leads are paid at a higher rate and are expected to take care of the following:

1.  Ensuring Job Timing Is Adhered To 
2.  Overseeing the job quality and completion
3.  Maintaining Equipment
4.  Using Our Approved cleaning products & Equipment only
5.  Using company signs on the car during work hours.
6. Letting Michelle know if there is a buildup happening in the home and that more time may be required for a catch up. This can happen in homes where we are there for a shorter time.
7. Sending in team hours by text at the end of each day by 6 pm.
8. Ensuring lights are off, things are back where they're meant to be and the doors are locked on leaving as instructed.

Hours should look as follows ...example

Sharon b
John H
Anne E
Worked with (teammate)
Both drove  (OR if the team lead drove both of you)

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