Terms Of Your Employment

Please read this information carefully so you understand the terms of your employment.

Scheduling & Time Off


While we can work with you to take important dates and holidays off, we do require consistency in your general availability. Most of our clients are regular either weekly, bi-weekly or every 4 weeks. Our clients expect the same time on their same allotted day. We require that same consistency from you in order to make that work.

We do understand the need for time off so can are always willing to work with you on this with plenty of notice. We ask that the more notice you can give us the better we can make the changes work. Of course, we know that sometimes life happens, so never be afraid to approach us with your requests!

The Schedule Goes Out Weekly For The Following Week by 6pm Friday.

Contact Hours

As a respect to both our time, we have adjusted our contact hours. 

1. You may contact us by TEXT or PHONE between 7am-7pm Mon-Friday. & Sunday & 5pm-8pm for work regarding Monday. Non-urgent Emails can be sent any time.

2. We will only contact you by text/phone Monday to Friday 7.30am-6pm on scheduled days only. If you contact us by Text or Phone we will reply on Sunday evening. 

3. ALL SICK DAYS MUST be reported by PHONE CALL ONLY between 7 - 7.45am.

(1st Contact) MICHELLE: 236-464-0448

(2nd Contact) BRANDON: 250-888-7025

Email: admin@bearmountainhousekeeping.ca

Staff & Client Sick Policy

IF A CLIENT IS SICK: Our client sick policy is that we have the right to not go into sick homes! Your health is important to us too. Whilst clients are required to notify us if unwell, on rare occasions they do not. In such cases, if you see they are sick and do not feel comfortable to go in and clean, then by all means do not and let us know immediately. We pay you 1 hr for showing up and being turned away at the door.

IF YOU ARE SICK:  we’d prefer you take the day off until you are well to work again. We don’t want to make our clients sick either!

Our Communicable Diseases Policy Can Be Found On Our Site...


ALL SICK DAYS MUST be reported by PHONE CALL ONLY between 7 - 7.45am.

(1st Contact) MICHELLE: 236-464-0448

(2nd Contact) BRANDON: 250-888-7025

Email: admin@bearmountainhousekeeping.ca

**Please do not call in a sick day for an appointment if you are not actually unwell. We are exceptionally understanding and flexible with early finishes etc for important appointments. Phoning in 'sick ' in such cases results in an immense amount of unnecessary disruption to other team members and clients alike. Trust with our team is of the utmost importance to us!

Paid Sick Days: In accordance with employment standards Canada, employees both part time and full-time are entitled to 5 Days paid sick days per year. In order to be paid for sick days taken, all employees must provide a doctors note for all time to be paid. This MUST be submitted prior to pay day within the pay period the sick days were taken.

Staff Breaks

As we blend the best of both worlds with employee vs subcontractor, breaks are one of those things that we have adjusted according to our team preferences. Over the past four years the majority of our team are happy with the way things have been  structured. There is time for shorter breaks throughout the day, or longer breaks between a couple of bigger jobs. Please consider your teammate when it comes to breaks and starting jobs earlier.  We realize many of you wish to end the day earlier, but some team members require a little bit more rest between, therefore both team members must be in agreement to start a job earlier than the scheduled time.

Should you like to alter the break structure in the workday please to come and speak to us we are extremely flexible and meeting your needs.

Staff Pay Structure


Pay Day is every 2 weeks. Pay period ends every second Friday and you will be paid by e-transfer on the following Tuesday.


Most companies hire team members just as subcontractors.

As we have both employees and subcontractors our pay structure done per job like subcontractors. Our employee rate is higher to account for this structure, in fact is similar or higher than the contractor rate of other companies.

Should we pay from start to finish as an employee, the hourly employee rate would be a bit lower to have the same pay result at the end of the day and there would be much less flexibility between jobs. We found the most beneficial way of doing this was to blend both options so that we both get the most out of our working relationship.


You will be paid by the job per hour as invoiced, so if there are 3 x 2 hour jobs in the day you will be paid for 6, and not the time in between. Our wage rate reflects this. Travel time is kept to a minimum and anything over 15-minutes between travel will be accounted for.

Pay Rates

Team Lead Employee:   $27 +  allowance (see below)
Team Mate:  $24 -$26 + allowance (see below)

Team Lead Subcontractor: $30

     *Subcontractors must have own equipment, provide approved products and            carry own liability insurance

Paid Sick Leave

In accordance with employment standards Canada, employees both part time and full-time are entitled to 5 Days paid sick days per year. In order to be paid for sick days taken, all employees must provide a doctors note for all time to be paid.

Laundry & Product Allowance

In addition to your pay rate, you will receive an extra 75 cents per hour listed as an ‘allowance’ on your pay stub.  

This allowance covers:
buying the required product back from us at cost: thieves, pink solution, stainless steel cleaner. (Disinfectant is at no cost) for more see ‘CLEANING SUPPLIES’. The product comes in at approximately 30cents out of the 75cents. The remaining covers laundry costs for you for washing cleaning cloths and uniform. We technically pay you for the product, for you to buy it back. This allows us to control product use.

Fuel Allowance
Fuel allowance is calculated between jobs at 67 cents/km based on employee standards requirements. We pay $8 for the team lead who drives BOTH of you. We worked out an average daily amount to cover kilometers over the course of the 10 work day period, $8 significantly covers more than the $0.67cent per/km. Over the course of the month, travel is similar amongst all teams.  

An additional option offered since the covid-19 pandemic:  team members may opt to drive individually at $4.60 each per day. This is a temporary option until, such time as we re-access travel. 

Your Cleaning Tote & Product

We will set up your caddy/tote with full supplies and cloths. The product itself will be paid for by you and will come from your ‘allowance’ (see pay structure).

We have carefully considered the cost of this so have planned it to provide quality equipment/supplies with minimum cost. For example, the cost of a 1L bottle of Thieves cleaner diluted for spray comes to $1.50. This is much cheaper than store bought products averaging $4 and above per bottle for a non toxic cleaner.

What’s in your tote:
1. Spray bottle with Thieves: this is a diluted ready to use solution
  Use: Safe on all surfaces
2. Blue spray Bottle Of Hospital Grade Disinfectant: To be used on toilets, door handles, and for sanitizing equipment before leaving each house
3. Pink Solution Dish/Hand Soap.
Use: use as a degreaser in kitchen, excellent on dirty bathrooms and soap scum, also great on glass. 

4. Scrub and Shine: used on stainless steel and glass cooktop appliances, chrome fixtures, porcelain and non-coated glass. 

5. Bottle Of Thieves Concentrate. **Please KEEP the bottle and request a refill as needed. 
Use: 1x capfuls per spray bottle | 1x capful our bucket for floors | 1x caps in spray mop bottle
6. Cloths: BLUE = Bathroom  GREEN = Kitchen  YELLOW/BLACK = dusting/anything  GLASS CLOTHS: all glass

2 xTooth brushes -for cleaning. (feel free to add any small useful brushes).
Baking soda -This is fantastic for cleaning stainless steel sinks as well as getting stains off of ceramic/porcelain.
Green dusting mitts. Scrubbing brush for tile showers/floors etc.

Value breakdown for your tote:
Tote: 19.8
Reg cloths  15x1.65 = 24.75

Scrub and Shine: $6

Glass cloths 5x1.80= 9
spray bottle 2x 2.75 = $5.50
426ml Thieves Concentrate  $29  ***KEEP THIS BOTTLE FOR REFILLS
1L Pink Solution Dish Soap: $4.50  ***KEEP THIS BOTTLE FOR REFILLS
1x Company Shirt (new value $29)
(For a total of Value of $127.55).

The caddy & cloths must be returned on leaving your employment or the full value will be withheld from your final pay until returned

NEW EMPLOYEES pay for the following products including: Thieves, scrub and Shine, Pink Solution = Total $ 39.50 (formally $49, we have since reduced cost). This will be deducted over for first few pays from your ‘75c per hour allowance’.

**These are the only products approved for use in client homes.

Responsibilities & Expectations

We have worked hard over the last four years as a team to build a trusting relationship with our loyal clientele. This trust is built on being reliable and dependable!

As Our team Member We Expect The Following....

1.  Be Always On time. 
2.  Provide a consistent work standard
3.  Thorough and detailed
4.  Using Our Approved cleaning products & Equipment only
5.  Friendliness and thoughtfulness with clients & their homes (& each other as team!)

Travel Time

Up until March 2022, we had fined tuned hour travel time to be an average of 6 to 10 minutes between jobs according to Google maps!  Due to staff changes and the rescheduling of clients happening over the next month of April, please bear with us as we re-adjust travel times based on the new scheduling.

We are working to get our travel times down again to the bare minimum!

Grievances - What To Do If Your Are Not Happy

Something we have been especially proud of as employers over the last 4.5 years is how approachable we are to any challenges that team members might be having. We are and have always been extremely open to finding ways to improve things based on please feedback.

We ask that if you have any thing you are unhappy with, that you do approach us and give us the opportunity & time to make adjustments as necessary.


Client Complaints Protocol

We are very proud to report we have a very low complaint rate! However, on occasion we do get feedback from clients. Our first approach is to have a discussion with the team involved, and problem solve from there. This might mean Michelle comes in to work with the team in that home to bring things back on track to our standard. In most cases this resolves the issue. 

In the rare instance this does not resolve the issue and a team member does not aim/effort to adhere to our company standard then it may result in a discussion about employment status.

Your Personal Presentation

We wish to maintain a clean and professional image. Each team member  represents our company, so how you present is of the utmost importance.

Professional presentation creates an attitude of respect for our role and from our client. It is each of us that lead the way to being seen and treated as professionals in what we do.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. keep hair tied back and tidy (this means before arriving at a clients home).

2. wear clean tidy black/grey pants/skorts/shorts and black/grey jackets/sweater as per climate needs

3. Please do not wear heavy fragrances, especially if they are not natural/essential oil based as many clients have sensitivities.

 4. AT all times a clean/tidy shoes for indoors must be worn.  It appears not only professional, it will prove to be more supportive on your body too. We never go barefoot in a clients home! This is also a WorkSafeBC requirement.

5.  Please show up to each job with your caddy and extra supplies bags/tubs looking tidy and organised. This is also part of appearing professional! 

6. You are required to wear company shirts at all times.

Company Shirts

You are required to wear company shirts at all times.

We provide 1 free shirt for those doing 2-3 days per week or less.

And 2 shirts for those doing 4-5 days per week.

** If you leave within 12 months and do not return the shirt, the full value of $29 for each shirt will be withheld from your final pay until it is returned.

In winter, if you are not warm enough feel free to wear a long sleeve shirt UNDERNEATH your company shirt, and not over top

Covid-19 and Communicable Diseases Policy

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Team Lead Expectations

Team leads are paid at a higher rate and are in charge of the overall clean in each home, Keeping Michelle updated with the jobs and any issues,  the use of company signs on the car during work hours, and equipment cleanliness maintained.

Further details on this can be found under the the 'ON THE JOB' page.

Employment Termination

If you intend to terminate your employment hero you must provide us with written notice of one week minimum.

The caddy & cloths & any equipment must be returned on leaving your employment or the full value will be withheld from your final pay until returned

Should we need to terminate your employment, we will do so in writing by email with one week notice. 

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