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The past 3 weeks has seen us lose 60% of our workforce


We have coasted through Covid relatively easy the last 2 years.

However, now we are facing some enormous staffing challenges despite the good working conditions and paying much higher than the majority of other companies

We have lost some key team members this past few weeks for various reasons such as schooling, housing issues, relocation, moving into desired careers, and a even car accident injury.

And this is all coming at the same time Michelle needs to return to Australia for a few weeks

We have been putting every effort into hiring new team members however the market is very dry with so few people applying.

We have been posting jobs ads with considerably higher wage rates for employees, and still getting a dismal response. This is very telling to what is happening in the job market right now.

Other cleaning companies are offering dramatically higher rates than just a couple months ago, one even offering a $1000 signing bonus to attract applicants.

With so many opportunities out there a job cleaning, is generally a last resort. It’s a very physical job, so I don't blame them.

We have been left with 2 difficult choices with your service, to shut down and walk away OR to substantially raise our rates in hopes to attract new staff and cover the increased costs.

After 4 1/2 years of building our business, we don't want to just walk away, but with increasing costs such as the new paid 5 sick days for employees - for some of which only work 2 days a week- we do not have any room to absorb the much higher rate we will now have to offer cleaners to come to work for us.

Therefore all we can do is raise our cleaning rate, and we need to raise it by $20/hr to be competitive in the job market.

This is having an effect across our industry. We have seen some of our competitors now charging up to $135 for a team of 2

We realize that this is going to put us out of affordability for many of you, and this pains us as we know those are some of the people that value the work we do the most, but this is a measure we need to take in order to try to survive in this current climate.

For those of you who do decide to move forward with us, the next little while is still going to be difficult with rescheduling and we may still have to suspend service for some until we are able to find more staff and Michelle returns.

Please let us know if you are moving forward with us OR if you will discontinue service by replying to the email.

The price increase of $20 will come in to effect April 04

We do value your business thus far and thank you for your understanding